About Our Services

As it says in our name, we are bookbinding specialists and bookbinding is of course at the heart of our business. Along with the standard binding methods available, we are one of the very few places in the whole of the UK that can also offer side sewing, singer sewing, Swiss binding, hand sewing, case binding and full leather bindings. But we still have a lot more to offer.


We are a trusted trade binder that works side by side with printers and designers around the UK offering a quality product and service. Our binding types include case binding, perfect binding, section sewn, singer sewn, Swiss sewn, saddle stitching, wire-o binding and ringbinders. See our products page for images of our previous productions.

Folding, Gathering and Inserting

These services can work alongside our bookbinding. We fold and gather sections for books but also fold complex leaflets, or simply just offer a folding service. If required we can insert these leaflets into the books we create. French folds is something that is not seen to often but is one of the unusual things we offer.


We have in-house gloss and matt laminating for our book covers, which offer resistance to scratching and creasing.


In addition or as a stand-alone solution we can pack and fulfill envelopes or packages ready for dispatch. If required we can mail out, passing on our discounted mailing rates. This offers you a substantial saving which makes this service well worthwhile.

Book Repairs

Our bookbinding specialists use their traditional training and expertise to be able to repair and re-bind any type of bound book. This could be a very old, valuable and impossible to replace volume or simply rebinding a much used favorite edition. We can repair single books or large quantities, please contact us for more information.

Foil Blocking and Debossing

Personalise your book with your name or block your company logo onto your big production run. We have a range of type faces available for simple text or can create a block for your logo. Foils are available in a variety of golds, silvers and many other colours. For a more subtle finish we can offer blind/debossing which will recess the blocked area creating a very classy finish.

Gold Foiling / Gold Printing

When it comes to Gold Printing, we are one of the most skilled in the business, so you can be assured that the print quality of your finished product will be second to none. Also known as hot foil printing, hot foil stamping, or gold blocking, it’s a process which uses coloured foil instead of ink and can be applied to numerous flat surfaces including card, paper, leather and plastic. The reflective quality of the foil produces stunning effects resulting in a prestigious end product.


Why not put your initials on your gun bag, iPad case, wallet or purse. This could also make for a great gift.

Thesis Binding

All that hard work that you put in deserves a binding that you can take pride in. We offer a variety of binding styles for your thesis or dissertation including hard and soft bound. Your binding will be sewn and glued as appropriate and lettering foil blocked by a specialist. This guarantees a finish that you can be proud of. We work to a variety of university specifications to give you confidence when you need it most.
You are welcome to supply your Thesis printed for us to bind but we do offer a printing service if required.

Yearbook Binding

We create high quality school and college yearbooks at unbeatable prices for schools throughout the UK. We are happy to cater to even the smallest year groups. Small year groups (with less than 100 students) often have trouble producing a yearbook because of the higher costs per book involved. Prices of over £20 for a simple black and white paperback book are not uncommon for most competitors, but we work to produce a product to suit your specifications and budget.

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