Case Bound Books (Side Sewn)

Case Binding adds a touch of class and durability to your book. Foiling can be an option to the cover or spine. Pages are printed as a book block and then sewn down the side, then covered with a case.

  • Pros: Can withstand heavy use, looks good
  • Cons: Not suitable for page spreads, not the cheapest option
  • Extra Info: Once the book is open, pages do not lie flat.

Case Bound Books (Section Sewn)

The outer case is the same for all case binding, giving durability to your book. Pages are folded collated into sections, sewn down the spine. The sections (sigs) are then sewn together to form a book block to which the hard case is applied.

  • Pros: Can with stand heavy use, works well for page spreads
  • Cons: Not the cheapest option
  • Extra Info: Option of headbands and ribbon bookmarks (pictured)

Leather Case Bound Books

Our craft binders have years of experience binding in leather. You can choose between goat, calf, pig or hide and there is a wide range of colours.

  • Pros: An exquisite luxury high class product
  • Cons: You may have to raid your piggy bank
  • Extra Info: The oldest intact leather bound book in Europe is the St Cuthbert Gospel

Foil Blocking & Debossing

Have your company logo stand out or personalise each item with your name. Foils are available in a variety of colours including golds and silvers. For a more subtle finish we can offer blind/debossing which will recess the blocked area.

  • Pros: Looks eye catching and amazing
  • Cons: Cost of blocks are based on size
  • Extra Info: Real gold can be foiled

Perfect Bound Books

Most commonly used for paperback books, this method is cheaper than case binding. Similarly all pages are collated into a book block and glued down the spine. Covers can be laminated to give extra durability and nicer finish.

  • Pros: Standard binding method, cheaper on greater runs, laminating covers helps longevity
  • Cons: The spine can become damaged and split with heavy use
  • Extra Info: Minimum thickness 4mm

Limp Binding

This is by far a stronger, more durable binding option than perfect binding, because the sections are sewn, gathered and then sewn together. The spine is then glued with the cover drawn on.

  • Pros: A cheaper alternative to case binding with the same durability
  • Cons: Can only be produced with the minimum of two sections
  • Extra Info: The printed spine can be visible on the shelf

Exposed Binding

Also know as Coptic Binding this is similar to our limp bound products except the spine of the pages is exposed, creating a totally unique and cool book.

  • Pros: This could be a 100% eco friendly book
  • Cons: The spine is exposed
  • Extra Info: Paper weight will determine the amount of pages per section

Side Sewn Books

Thread is sewn down the length of a book block approximately 8mm from the spine. There is range of thread colours available to compliment the cover & inner pages.

  • Pros: Very unique, can bind single sheets as a oppose to fold sheets, looks good, cheap, strong
  • Cons: End of thread may protrude from end of book, not suitable for spreads
  • Extra Info: Cannot be more than 5mm thick (x sheets of 120gsm)

Singer Sewn Books

This technique is commonly used for brochures and thin catalogues. Thread is sewn straight through the spine of the folded sheets.

  • Pros: Very unique, strong, pages have to be divisible by 4
  • Cons: End of the thread may protrude from end of book
  • Extra Info: Minimum of 2 folded sheets and a max thickness of 3mm (x sheets of 120gsm), Pages have to be divisible by 4

Hand Sewn Booklets

This gives an elegant hand finished look, this technique sews loops of thread through the pages; the thread is then knotted either on the inside or the outside.

  • Pros: Hand finished, very pretty and delicate
  • Cons: Not suitable for larger documents
  • Extra Info: Cannot be more than 3mm thick (x sheets of 120gsm)

Saddle Stitched Books

This is one of the most common binding methods & involves folded sheets inserted into each other with or without a cover. Staples are then applied through the spine & centerfold.

  • Pros: Standard binding, economic
  • Cons: Not as durable as sewn, folded pages may cause creep
  • Extra Info: Cannot be more than 5mm thick (x sheets of 120gsm)

Wire-o Bound

Individual loops are inserted through the punched holes in a book block, this allow pages to fold fully flat or flip over. Ideal for short fun presentation documents and suitable for various thickness of documents.

  • Pros: Allows pages to lie flat, economical
  • Cons: Will not withstand heavy use
  • Extra Info: Up to A3

Case Covered Wire-o Bound Books

This is an excellent option for larger books, giving them a robust and durable finish with the advantage of opening completely flat. The case cover can be made from a range of colours and materials or printed covers.

  • Pros: Thicker paper can be used for insides which still opens flat
  • Cons: Again, not the cheapest, could end up a heavy book
  • Extra Info: Size is not a limitation

Canadian Bound Books

This is a paper cover over a wire-o bound book. The partially hidden wire-o is exposed on the front and back cover, this version looks more presentable that a plain wire-o option.

  • Pros: Book can open flat, better presented than a plain wire-o bound book
  • Cons: Cover not ideal for heavy usage
  • Extra Info: Used a lot in educational publications

Post Bound Presentation Folders

This method utilizes 2 or 4 screws, which allows for adding or removing pages. Printed covers or hardback covers can be used with or without a spine. Hardback covers come in a range of material choices that can be foiled block with text or company logos. This method has been used for menus.

  • Pros: Pages can be added, personalised foiling or printed cover
  • Cons: None to comment on
  • Extra Info: Chrome corners can be an additional extra


We produce a variety of different styles of menus and have produced menus for some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants throughout the UK. The most common is a hard cover with 2 eyelets through the spine to inner pages.

  • Pros: Quality and competitive pricing
  • Cons: More expensive than our printed options
  • Extra Info: Reflect the calibre of your establishment

Slip Cases & Boxes

Bespoke slip cases, boxes and clam shell boxes are made to order to meet with your imagination or to marry with your book production. They can include cardboard engineering, print, foil blocking and blind debossing.

  • Pros: Keeps your book pristine
  • Cons: Adds extra cost
  • Extra Info: Anything from cases to record sleeves

Bespoke Ring Binders

We can create the ordinary or the totally bespoke. From a hardbound case covered with material of your choice to a PVC case printed with your artwork. Fitted with a selection of mechanisms with 2 and 4 rings covering all sizes.

  • Pros: Customised to your exact requirements.
  • Cons: You can't buy them at the supermarket
  • Extra Info: Inners can be customised as well


Try not to leave it to the last minute to order, as there can be discounts available for those people who are organized. We produce personalized or corporate desk and wall calendars in a range or sizes and design options.

  • Pros: You'll never forget what day it is!
  • Cons: No excuse to forget your anniversary
  • Extra Info: Use your own images or our stock imagery

Wedding Albums

We offer professional personalised leather wedding albums, enabling you to present and preserve the memories of your amazing day!

Wedding Stationery

Our expertise in hand crafted print finishing and bookbinding enables us to be creative and produce something that will be unique and individual for your wedding. We will work together on your very personal and bespoke invites.

  • Pros: Unrivalled and Unique
  • Cons: So many options available
  • Extra Info: Best not get the groom involved

School Yearbooks

We produce over 40,000 school yearbooks every year. We offer quality printing and binding that will last and will not compromise on quality or service. Standard hardback and softback versions are available but we can offer something bespoke.

  • Pros: Totally bomb
  • Cons: Other schools wil be jealous
  • Extra Info: Our in-house designers can help you create something unique

Thesis & Dissertation

We offer a full range of services to meet all university specifications on our standard 3 day or our speedy 24 hours services. We are dedicated to producing quality Thesis and dissertations at prices you can afford. Order Online

  • Pros: You can order online
  • Cons: We can't write it for you
  • Extra Info: Can distribute throughout the UK and worldwide


We can create your totally unique and personal book to your exact requirements. Help and advice will be here on hand, please give us a ring and we will gladly talk through your options.

  • Pros: They are as good as your imagination
  • Cons: There are no limitations